SINS & Lies - ebook | Book 2 of Enzo's Trilogy

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My father used to say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
But what if Enzo D'Angelo is the devil?
Do I run?
Or keep him closest of all?
Because Golden Eyes has made one thing mercilessly clear:
I owe him.
Which means...
he owns me.

I was born to be ruthless.
A wild beast running Chicago in a five-figure suit.
And make no mistake,
When what's mine is stolen,
Retribution will be ten-fold.
And my wrath to my enemies won't be swift.
It'll be slow. Torturously slow.

And for putting me through hell, Kennedy will pay, too.
But her punishment will start at the altar...
And end on her knees.

SINS & Lies is a steamy dark romance and is the second book in the Enzo trilogy.

Powerful, Filthy, Rich Men

Are they too broken for love?

Meet these controlling, dominating, filthy rich men. 

They take what they want.




Because they're too broken to give a f*ck,

and too wounded to feel anything but pain.

Or so they thought...

Do these men have a shot in hell at love?